Did you have a water or fire accident recently? And now your entire home smells like smoke or mold?

You may be thinking about hiring professional odor control and removal services to deal with the musty odor in your property. And if you are curious about their work, here we will tell you everything you need to know about how odor removal services work.

Professional Odor Removal Process

⤐ Identifying the Source of the Problem

After professionals arrive at your home, the first thing they do is perform a thorough inspection. They do this to detect the source of the bad smell because, without detecting the source, they cannot remove the musty odor. Some of the culprits behind the nasty odors can be the following.

Frequent pet urine and feces accidents on your carpet that you didn’t clean properly. If urine or feces seep into your carpet fibers, there will be a musty odor due to the bacteria present in them.
Stains caused by spilling a smelly liquid on carpet or upholstery can also be the source of the unpleasant smell.

If you or someone from your family smokes or due to cooking accidents, smoke is another common reason behind a musty odor.

The stink can also be due to sewage issues, like overflowing, which can happen after your home sustains weather damage.

Professionals identify the correct source of the problem and treat it accordingly.

⤐ Removing the Source of the Problem

Once the odor removal experts find the source of the problem, they use the following odor removal methods to remove the odor from your home.

  • Enzyme Cleaners: When the source of the problem is pet urine or other pet accidents, professionals use enzyme cleaners. Here they use cleaning solutions containing special enzymes to break down the bacteria causing the smell.
  • Ozone Shock Treatment: If the source of musty odor covers a large area, professional odor removers use the ozone shock treatment method. Here, they use an ozone generator to produce ozone after sealing the source of the odor. It kills off all the potential reasons behind a smell like bacteria or mold.
  • Subfloor Urine Extraction: Professionals use this method when the area of the smell is relatively small. First, they treat the area with enzymatic cleaners and let it seep deep into the carpet. Then, the professionals suck out the enzymatic cleaners along with the urine from the padding & sub-flooring of the carpet.
  • Steam Cleaning: In the steam cleaning method, professionals use hot water with high pressure to remove odor-causing particles from the area, particularly carpets. Lastly, they suck out these particles with a powerful vacuum and eliminate the foul odor.
  • Chemical Dry Cleaning: Here, the professionals use a machine with a rotating brush to remove the stains responsible for the smell with the help of dry chemical compounds that use very little water.
  • Thermal Fogging: This is one of the newer technologies used by professionals. Here, the professional spray the odor remover in mist form. This way, the mixture can penetrate even the toughest spots and effectively remove odor.

⤐ Applying a Deodorizer

Even after the professionals remove the source of the smell, the residue of the smell persists. To eliminate the odor from your home forever, odor removal experts apply a deodorizer in your home that does not just mask the smell but eliminate it by absorbing the odor-causing molecules.

⤐ Final Inspection

After applying the deodorizer, professionals don’t leave your home immediately. After a while, the professional re-inspects the area of the smell and ensures that there is no lingering odor in your home.

Is Professional Odor Removal Services Worth it?

This is how odor removal services work. But you might be wondering is it worth investing in? The answer is yes, when there is an unbearable odor in your home due to pet accidents, mold, smoke, and sewage backup, and you cannot get it out with homemade remedies. Professional odor removal services will remove the odor permanently from your place, leaving it smelling fresh.

What is the Cost of Odor Removal?

While the cost of professional odor removal ranges from $250-600, depending on the severity of the smell, the price can be as low as $100 and as high as $1000. The different factors affecting the cost of odor removal are the following.

  • The severity of the problem.
  • Size of the area
  • Odor removal methods.

But most of all, the odor removal cost will depend on the specific nature of the odor in your property and the unique ways to remove it.