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Professional Odor Control & Removal Services in Carmel

Odor control and removal services are utilized to eliminate undesirable odors in buildings originating from a variety of sources. While many odors can be controlled with routine cleaning, others require specialized deodorizing techniques and procedures.

A.Y. Remodeling and Restoration certified technicians have the expertise and equipment required to test, identify and eliminate the originating source of undesirable odors. After the source is eliminated, steps are taken for odor removal using specialized agents and counteractants as well as cleaning and sealing restorable surfaces, as necessary.

As with any remediation project, speed is a key factor in success and cost control. In general, the longer the remediation is delayed, the higher the cost of restoration

What Causes Undesirable Odors in Your Building?

When you notice odors at your commercial property, removing the smell might be your first priority. Still, the cause may be deeper than what you can see. Several things can cause undesirable odors in your business. Disasters such as flooding and fires are two of the biggest culprits behind strange smells. Other complications, such as mold growth and biological waste, create smells that could warn you of the health hazards in your building.

Fire Damage

Removing smoke odors from a property that has experienced a fire can be especially difficult. At A.Y. REMODELING AND RESTORATION, we have the right tools and equipment to treat and neutralize smoke odors from even the largest of commercial buildings.
Effectively removing smoke odors requires expertise. A.Y. Remodeling and Restoration technicians are IICRC trained and certified in the techniques to minimize fire damage and restore the property. Contact us today to learn more about our odor removal or fire damage services.

Water & Flooding Damage

Water can seep into walls, floors and even structural supports when flooding impacts your business. Without fast and efficient drying efforts, that moisture can cause larger problems, including lingering odors.
Items such as documents and files, furniture and carpeting are extremely vulnerable to water damage and related complications. A mildew smell might permeate the building, which can irritate some occupants’ respiratory issues. Water damage can also harm your building’s structural integrity and make it unsafe to do business there.


Where there’s water damage, mold can — and will — grow. Besides the potential odors, mold spores can cause and irritate health issues such as asthma and bronchitis. Specific types of mold, including black mold, are toxic, and long-term exposure to them can have severe health effects on your business’s occupants.
Absorbent items often grow mold, but other items, such as building materials and structural elements, can also harbor spores.

Eliminating the spores and drying out your entire building removes any smells and makes your property a safer place for employees.


The odors we associate with sewage backups can be off-putting. However, issues with your sewage system pose larger concerns than warding off clients. These smells can signal problems that put your health — and the safety of your employees — at risk. Professional odor removal companies are better equipped to handle these smells and their underlying causes.
You and your employees should never try to mitigate odors associated with pathogens, chemicals or biological waste. Odors such as these are clear signs that you should contact a professional team for odor control services.

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