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A.Y. Remodeling & Restoration performs a complete roofing system, No cutting corners!

 A professionally repaired or replaced roof must have the following roofing system elements. After removing the old roof shingles, A.Y. roofers will inspect the roof deck for any damages or rot caused by leaks or moisture. We will repair or replace any damaged components to make sure the new roof is functioning as it was intended; protect your home, provides you the comfort you deserve and increase the value of your home.

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The roofing system consists of various components that help protect your home from the elements.


  1. Leak barrier: A self-adhered waterproof underlayment typically installed on top of the roof deck at the eave edge of the roof, as well as other vulnerable areas. This helps protect against leaks caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams.
  2. Roof deck protection: Asphalt-saturated felt or a synthetic material that helps protects a home. It provides a water-shedding secondary layer of protection between the shingles and roof deck to prevent wind-driven rain from infiltrating.
  3. Starter Strip shingles: The first course of roofing installed at the eave and/or rake edges of a shingle roof to improve wind resistance.
  4. Shingles: Roofing material typically made of asphalt, fiberglass mat and ceramic coated granules. Shingles act as the primary roof covering and are installed in overlapping layers in order to protect the structure and help ensure proper water-shedding.
  5. Ventilation: A balanced system of intake and exhaust vents that allow air to continuously flow through the attic space in order to exhaust excess heat and moisture.
  6. Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles: Shingles that are designed to be installed over the ridge and hip areas of the roof where two roof planes meet.

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